The United Methodist Church started in the town of Lester in 1889 with the first services held in the railroad depot.  The first church building was built in 1892 and burned to the ground in 1897.  The second church was built in 1898.  The church which stands at the corner of  5th and Thomas was purchased from the Missouri Synod Lutheran congregation in 1964.  At that time the church had 45 members.  In 1987, there were about 30 people at worship and 27 in Sunday School.

As the church began to grow, church services moved to the old Lester School which had been the Ageson Furniture Store.  The gymnasium served as the sanctuary and classrooms as Sunday School rooms.  Babies were baptized, members were received, and Christmas pageants were performed on the big stage with the bright stage lights shining.  What fun it was!

As our congregation continued to grow, young adults began to have visions of a new building that was easier to heat and maintain.  In the fall of 2000, the people of the church voted for a new building.  Construction of the present buidling began in 2002 and it was given the name Seeds of Faith.  Praise God for His guidance and blessing!

In 2002 we moved into our new building at 408 Main Street in Lester.  Praise God from who all blessings flow!  We continue to seek the opportunity to do God’s service and hope that all who are seeking to experience the love of the Lord Jesus Christ will join us in worship and grow in His unending grace.